Taking good care of a ping pong paddle is paramount in ensuring that the paddle is durable and lasts for long. Most paddles are designed to bear wear and tear for long without a decline in their quality. However, without proper maintenance and care of a paddle, it is possible for the paddle to get dilapidated quite fast. This is why it is necessary to take good care of the paddle in ways such as:


After several sessions of use, ping pong paddles collect dirt and dust. These foreign objects if not removed from the paddle can affect its rubber thereby damaging the rubber and consequently interfering with the quality of the paddle. To prevent such an occurrence, you should clean the paddle using water and cotton to remove the dirt. Always avoid using detergents and volatile solvents as they damage the rubber.

Use the paddle rightly

At times, the dilapidation and extensive wear of paddles can be caused by wrong and inappropriate use. For instance, you should not hit hard surfaces such as walls and ping pong tables using the paddle. This will most likely make the paddle weak and can eventually break especially if it is made of wood.

Store the paddle in a dry place

The best way to store your paddle is by securing it in its original package and putting it in a dry place away from moisture. The wood used in ping pong paddles is easily damaged by water or moist conditions. Paddles also tend to perform better when they are dry and free from any coldness or moisture.

Prevent the paddle from falling

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It is common to accidentally drop your paddle from time to time especially when you are a beginner. However, it is advisable to try as much as possible that the paddle does not fall onto the ground or on other hard surfaces. These surfaces greatly weaken the paddle and may make it less suitable for use in playing ping pong.

Follow manufacturer’s guidelines on caring for a ping pong paddle

Manufacturers of ping pong paddles issue guidelines and directives on how to take care of the paddles in the best way possible. These guidelines include how to clean the paddles appropriately, securing the paddles for storage, and using the paddles effectively while playing.

Wipe off any powder from new balls

New ping pong balls come with some of the powder that remains on the racket when playing. Research has shown that this powder is detrimental to the quality of rubber in the paddle. Therefore, if this powder is not dusted off, it can affect the rubber thereby making it wear out faster than it would under normal conditions.

Ensure that you only get a good quality paddle

Good quality paddles last long and are able to withstand much of the wearing out they are exposed to when in use. In addition to this, they are also easy to take care due to their added resistance to dilapidation. You can ask for reference and ideas on the best paddle to purchase depending on your budget.

Change worn rubber

The frequency of changing worn rubber is hugely dependent on the frequency of use of the paddle. If you use your paddle every day, then you can be sure that you will need to change the rubber frequently such as on a monthly basis or after every two weeks. Ideally, you should change the rubber in the paddle upon seeing the first signs of wearing out.

Wear gloves if you have sweaty hands

While sweat cannot possibly affect the quality of wood in a paddle, it is advisable to wear hand gloves when playing ping pong particularly if you have sweaty hands. This allows for a good and firm grip when spinning the paddle to hit the ball. In addition to this, it also makes it possible for you to have good control of serves and returns thereby directing the ball where you want it to go.

Have a bag or pack for carrying the paddle

When going for a playing session or after you have finished playing ping pong, it is important to ensure that you place the paddle securely in a bag. This is to ensure that the paddle is safe from falls or collision with other objects which may damage the paddle. In addition to this, if the weather is cold, carrying the ping pong paddle in a bag ensures that it does not get cold and thus become hard to use while playing.


Generally, you also need to take care of other ping pong items such as tables, and nets to ensure that they are in pristine conditions at all times. This goes a long way in ensuring that you enjoy a fun-filled and thrilling playing session.

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