Eight-ball pool is one of the most popular pool variations across the globe. Also referred to as solids and stripes game in the UK, the variant is a favorite option for both professional and amateur players. Played on a table with 6 pockets, eight ball pool is uniquely popular in most countries such that amateurs are unaware of the existent of other pool games. The game is played with 16 balls, cue sticks and a cue ball. There are 15 object balls in the game with seven of them being stripped, seven being solid colored and a black ball which is the cue ball. The shading and coloring of the balls is so as players can identify their balls. After scattering the balls with a break shot, each of the players is assigned either the solidly colored balls or the stripped ones. The rules of playing pool 8 balls are:

Legal shot

In all shots with the exception of the break shot and at the open table, the player is required to hit any ball in his designated group and sink a numbered ball or make any numbered ball or the cue ball to contact the rail. A strike becomes a foul if the player fails to meet the aforementioned requirements.

Open table

The table is considered open before the designated groups of balls has not been determined. At this point, players are free to hit at any ball whether the solidly colored or the stripped ones to determine their designated group. If the player making the first shot contacts the first ball, it becomes a foul and no ball is scored in the player’s favor. In such an eventuality, the next player takes turn to make a strike at the open table.

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Call pocket

In Call pocket, players are encouraged to specify the balls along with their intended pockets. However, there is no requirement that obvious balls, as well as their respective pockets, have to be specified. Any kick shot, bank shot or combinations have to be called to the designated pockets; otherwise, they are considered to have missed. When the player pockets their designated balls successfully, they continue playing until they miss or commit a foul. Players need to note that the break shot is not considered a called shot.

Cue ball fouls

Touching or even triggering the slightest motion in the cue ball other than when making a normal shot is considered a foul. Players can only use the cue line’s shaft or the ferrule to line up the ball. Using the cue’s tip is a foul and the playing chance is awarded to the other player. Driving the cue ball off the table or pocketing it is a foul. If you make a bad hit, whereby you hit any other ball apart from those of the player’s designated group, you are considered to have made a foul. When a player makes a foul when playing the 8-ball pool game, the other player takes the chance to play and the game progresses until the player misses a hit or makes a foul.

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There are other rules of the 8-ball pool game that dictate the dos and don’ts that players should observe when playing. Sticking to the rules is one of the easiest and most dependable ways of guaranteeing a win when playing. As such, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the rules of the game before you start playing, especially you are playing a competitive game.

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