After continuous use for a long time, not only ping pong paddle needs to be taken care of, but also a ping pong table wears out, becomes rough and pitted thereby making it hard to use the table to enjoy a game of ping pong. When such is the case, the table needs to be resurfaced to ensure that the surface is smooth and well-leveled for easy and fair play to all. The best thing about resurfacing this task is that it is not entirely a hard job as most presume. This is because you just need to know the tips to follow and the steps to take during a ping pong table resurfacing project. Here are a few tips you can refer to:

Clean the table

After you have removed the net, the next thing you should do is clean the ping pong table thoroughly. The net is removed so that it does not interfere with the working. You can use a multi-purpose cleaner for cleaning the table and ensure that the edges of the table are cleaned well to remove all the dirt on these edges. After the table is sparkling clean, use a set of clean towels to wipe off the surface and edges of the table dry.


Sand the table’s top

Before you start sanding the table’s top, you should cover all the boundary lines (white lines) on the table using a painter’s tape. These lines should be restored after you have resurfaced the table. Use an 80-gritpaper to sand the table to remove any cracks and uneven patches on the table. After you have sanded the whole table, use a vacuum cleaner to blow off all the dust on the table’s top. You should then let the cracks to settle for 24 hours before sanding the table again with a 150-gritpaper and remove the dust with a handheld vacuum.

Paint the table

Set the table in a flat position to ensure that paint is evenly distributed on the table’s surface. Then, using a spray-can held at approximately 10 inches over the table, spray chalkboard paint (of the same color as the original surface of the table). Spray the entire table evenly and go over each side of the table separately until a fine layer is achieved. After this, allow up to 8 hours for the paint to dry and ensure that the finish is flat and has no droplets or ripples.


Once the first coat has completely dried up, apply a second layer and allow up to 6 hours for the coat to dry. After these 6 hours have elapsed, you should then apply the third layer. This final finish provides a smooth table top surface that ensures high-quality play. It is important to spray the table in well-ventilated areas and ensure that you put on a face mask to prevent any inhalation of fumes and micro-droplets.

Retouch the white (boundary) lines

Before unmasking the painter’s tape from the surface of the table, it is necessary to ensure that the chalkboard paint is completely dry. Then, using enamel paint, spray the area slowly and carefully while ensuring that you hold the spray can at roughly 6 inches over the table. This paint should be left to dry for about 24 hours. In case you notice that the paint is turning opaque and is even while drying; you necessarily need not apply a second coat.

Reinstall the net

After the paint on the boundary lines has dried, you should then reinstall the net by fastening the net holders. In case the net appears worn out or stretched, you should replace it and reinstall a new net with strong binding. Once the net is securely reinstalled on the table, you can check if the racquets are broken or if they need replacement. With a well-resurfaced net, you can be guaranteed to enjoy ping pong to the fullest.


If you are not competent in paint spraying, you can consider hiring an expert who perfectly understands how to spray paint surfaces. This ensures that you will get a fine, smooth, and even finish on the ping pong table. It is worth noting that a nicely done ping pong table resurfacing can save you the trouble of having to purchase or build a new table. There are different colors you can use in spraying the table but the most common colors are green, blue, red and variations of these colors.

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