Intermediate players are usually more concerned about their paddle choices than most other ping pong players. This is because the intermediate stage is the entry level into ping pong. Ping pong paddles for intermediate players come in different specifications and features. There are some of these paddles that come with high-grade blades, superior quality rubbers, and finely finished handles. Some of the best Ping pong paddles for intermediate players in the market currently include:





Butterfly 401

Solid paddle

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Killerspin JET500

Designed for intermediate players

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Killerspin JET700

Great paddle

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Butterfly 603

Solid construction

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JOOLA Spinforce 300

Comfortable grip

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BUTTERFLY 401 Shakehand Ping Pong Paddle

The 401 Shakehand paddle by BUTTERFLY is a classic paddle designed for intermediate players. The paddle comes with iconic BUTTERFLY Yuki rubbers on each side of the paddle. This rubber is uniquely tacky and as such, it offers a tremendous spin. There is also a 2.1mm sponge on the hitting surface. This sponge layer provides a springy feeling and excellent speed. It is worth noting that the paddle is superiorly designed and built to last for a very long duration with continuous use while still remaining in its pristine conditions.

Solid paddle

The BUTTERFLY 401 Shakehand Paddle boasts of an amazing sweet spot and even power distribution throughout the blade. The most intriguing aspect about the paddle is that it maintains a smooth and nice surface even with continuous use for months. The paddle allows its users to enjoy great control and spin thereby making it easy for intermediate players to perfect their playing skills. The blade built from a 5-ply wood for added strength.

  • Extremely tacky rubber
  • 2.1mm sponge layer for a springy feel
  • Good spin and control
  • Perfectly designed for intermediate players
  • It may take time to become accustomed to the paddle

KILLERSPIN JET500 Ping Pong Paddle

KILLERSPIN prides itself in designing and constructing paddles with unique quality and rackets that have met the set standards. The JET500 paddle is an awesome paddle specially built for use by intermediate and advanced players. The paddle has an ITTF approved Nitrx-4Z rubber with a 2.0mm high tension. The 6.7mm blade thickness in the paddle is attached to a flared handle that provides for a moderately aggressive play. The spin of the paddle is rated at 9.0 on a scale of 10, control 8.0 and speed 7.5.

Designed for intermediate players

The KILLERSPIN JET500 is designed for use by intermediate players as it helps these players to adapt to different playing styles as well as develop their playing skills. The 6.7mm thickness of the blade produces additional power thus enabling the players to outshine their opponents. This paddle has been finely designed such that it produces more power than its predecessors while at the same time ensuring that its users enjoy unrivalled control.

  • Additional power due to the 6.7mm thick blade
  • Exceptional grip
  • Balanced speed & control
  • 2.0mm sponge for a springy feel
  • The speed is low compared to its competitors

KILLERSPIN JET700 Ping Pong Paddle

If you are looking for a unique ping pong paddle for intermediate players with a large sweet spot and good control, then the KILLERSPIN JET700 is the paddle for you. The 7-ply wood blade in the paddle provides ultimate power, control and spin for intermediate and advanced players. Like in other KILLERSPIN paddles, the Nitrx-4Z rubber in the paddle is ITTF approved and comes with a 2.0mm tension. The JET700 paddle is uniquely constructed to help intermediate players to perfect their playing skills and proceed to advanced playing levels.

Great paddle

If you want to advance to a whole new level of expertise and competitiveness in playing the sport, you should consider purchasing the JET700 paddle. This paddle is simply superb and is unmatchable by other paddles in its league. If you want to improve your speed, spin, and control while playing table tennis, you should consider getting this paddle. The handle of the paddle is smoothly finished for a comfortable and firm grip while playing. The stickiness of the paddle’s rubber lasts through the entire life of the paddle even with continuous use every day.

  • Large sweet spot
  • Superb control and spin
  • ITTF approved rubber
  • Uniquely tacky rubber
  • Takes time to get used to the paddle

BUTTERFLY 603 Shakehand Ping Pong Racket

If you are looking for an attractively and creatively designed paddle with unique features for intermediate players, then you should consider getting the BUTTERFLY 603 Shakehand Ping Pong Racket. This heavy duty paddle has a very tacky Wakaba rubber and a 2.0mm sponge layer that offers a spongy feeling to players. The paddle has a nice medium weight thus making it easy to control the paddle and enjoy high speeds.

Solid construction

When using this 603 Shakehand paddle from Butterfly, you can be guaranteed to enjoy the benefits of using a solid paddle with unique spin and control. The most fascinating aspect about this paddle is that it is great for an intermediate player as you can vary the speed and spin depending on your playing skills. The paddle has a really good performance and the grip is perfect. The quality is overall very good thus making the paddle last for long without any of its parts falling apart.

  • Unique spin & control
  • Excellent performance
  • Perfect grip
  • Durable
  • Falls apart quickly if used inappropriately

JOOLA Spinforce 300 Ping Pong Paddle

The JOOLA Spinforce 300 Ping Pong Paddle is a sleek table tennis racket for intermediate players. This pre-assembled paddle has a 5 layer plywood blade attached to an outstanding flared handle. The paddle has been approved by ITTF for use in professional competitions due to its classic features and unparalleled performance. This Spinforce paddle creates a bridge between professional and recreational table tennis. The 2.0mm sponge in the paddle provides a springy feel as well as better spin control.

Comfortable grip

When using the JOOLA Spinforce 300 paddle, you need not worry about the grip in the paddle. This is because the paddle’s flared handle makes it possible to have a comfortable and firm grip while playing. The paddle greatly favors players with stable forehand & backhand strokes. This JOOLA paddle is by far the best and nicely built paddle for intermediate players. The rubber is firmly glued to the blade thereby providing great reliability and dependability for long time duration.

  • Superior design and build
  • Good speed and spin
  • Pre-assembled
  • Comfortable and firm grip
  • It may take time to get used to the paddle


Ping pong paddles for intermediate players are designed to help the players understand the sport better and refine their playing skills with prowess and expertise. When looking for the ideal paddle for you, it is important to settle on a racket that meets your needs including cost, performance, quality and durability among other factors.



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