Making a ping pong paddle is one of the very interesting things a ping pong player can do. It is a cheap activity that helps you learn and gain new skills. Making your own paddle helps you customize it according to your preferences, and can even help you realize a new side of you when playing with it. To make your own homemade paddle, follow the following steps.

1. Select the best wood


The wood you will use depends on your preferred method of making the paddle. If the paddle is to use a single material that features its blade and handle together, then the wood should be hard and long enough. If the paddle will feature a plywood blade, then the handle can be of any choice provided it is hard and strong enough.

2. Get the tools you need

There are a number of things you will need so as to successfully make your own paddle. The things you need are as listed below.

  • Saw/jigsaw
  • The selected wood slab
  • Sandpaper
  • Template/ a good ping pong paddle
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Sand paper

3. Mark the wood slab

The ping pong paddle is to be cut out of the wood slab. You can take another paddle that is good in shape and use it to mark the slab. If a paddle is not available, download a template of the paddle and print it on a plain paper.

If you are marking the slab with the help of a paddle, lay it on the slab and use the pencil to trace its edges all round on the slab. Following the edges will be easy and will help you make an accurate line than will be followed when cutting out your home made the paddle.


If you are using a template that is printed on a paper, cut out the paddle from the paper and make sure to follow the edges correctly. Place the cutout paper paddle on the wood slab and trace it out. The traced paddle can now be easily made following the lines were drawn.

4. Cutting the paddle

Use your saw and cut the paddle out of the wood. Remember to leave the handle as thick as possible so as it remains thick enough after being shaped. To make the cutting easier, you can start by cutting out a rectangular figure out of the wood slab. The rectangular wood slab should not cut out any part of the paddle.

5. If the handle is featured separately

If you are to feature you handle separately from the blade, remember to make enough measurements. The plywood that features the blade should also be cut out with its handle. The handle should be flat so that it offers support to the strong handle that will come in two pieces, and cover the paddle from both sides.


To cut out the handle correctly, make sure it remains a bit longer so that a part of it covers the blade slightly. The handle should be in two pieces that will be attached from both sides and have a part of the blade and the cut out plywood-handle lying between them.

Glue can then be used to hold the two pieces of the handle on the blade. To make them firmer, you can drill two small holes that will go through the two pieces of the handle and the blade. Light sticks can then be put inside the holes and should completely be submerged. The glue can then be poured inside to enhance firmness.

6. Smoothening the bat

The bat should now be ready for use but if you find it rough, you can use your sandpaper. Rub the surfaces and the edges with it until they get smooth enough. You can go to the extent of your choice.

The texture of the paddle totally depends on the user. There are those that would prefer to use a rubber that will enhance spins. Go with the option that you find best and from there, you can then add some colors or anything else that would make the paddle more appealing.

A homemade ping pong paddle may not be the best paddle but can surely help largely. With the help of the above steps, you can easily make yours and enjoy ping pong in a more comfortable way. Do not forget to wear protective clothing when making the paddle for you can easily harm yourself especially if it is your first time.



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