Ping pong is a thrilling and exciting game to play either competitively or simply for fun. It is probably one of the easiest games to play as it does not require a complex setup or specialized playing skills. The sport is played in twos (singles) or in fours (doubles) with each variation of the sport having its own set of rules. The best thing about this sport is that it is quite easy to understand and comprehend how to play by yourself even without hiring a coach.

Some of the tips that ping pong beginners can use when learning how to hit hard are such as:

Learn the basics

For beginners as well as intermediate players who are not well versed in playing ping pong, learning the basics of the sports makes it easy to hit the ball harder and with a perfect spin. This lowers the opponent’s chances of returning the ball thereby making it easy to win the game. Most beginners are not familiar with aspects such as basic footwork, proper grip, and the effect of spinning correctly when playing. These aspects are not only crucial for winning but also make it easy to exhibit top-level playing skills like an expert.

Utilize spin

When you want to hit harder in ping pong, you have to know how to utilize spin. Understanding this concept helps in making a perfect shot and in making the right stroke. In addition to this, utilizing spin puts in a better position to return all balls and trounce the opponent. The most fascinating fact about spin is that it is usually a weakness even for professional and expert players. For players with advanced playing skills, utilizing spin can help them in making a backspin stroke that produces topspin.

Train alone with a hard surface

For beginners who have mastered all ping pong skills except hitting the ball harder, they should practice alone against a surface such as a wall or a floor. These surfaces return the ball at very high speeds thereby making it easy to learn how to strike the ball harder. You can also rely on such surfaces to improve your spinning skills by returning the ball at different spin angles. In addition to this, you can also purchase training material such as DVDs and e-books for ideas and tips on hitting the ball harder.

Shorten your swing

Short swings produce great power that in turns makes it possible to hit the ball harder. For players who play other sports such as golf, softball, baseball or tennis, shortening their swings can be quite hard. This is because these sports require longer swings that are inappropriate in ping pong. It is worth noting that long swings give a high margin for error and also reduce reaction time. Shortening the swing also increases accuracy and enables players to make precise placements.

Control your hitting power

Hitting hard in ping pong does not require you to use the greatest hitting power you can. Instead, it requires you to combine considerable power with the right spin and swing. Otherwise, if you use excessive power when hitting the ball, you will most likely send the ball off the playing area. If you have ever watched professional ping pong players playing, then you may have noticed that these players use very little power to strike the ball hard. It is also easier to control your serves and returns when you limit your hitting power.

Hand-foot coordination

Hitting a ping pong ball hard and accurately requires players to have good hand-foot coordination. Ideally, players should stabilize their standing position when playing ping pong so that it becomes possible to hit hard and in a precise direction. When making a forehand swing with your right hand, the right leg should be behind the left leg. It is necessary to ensure that you only strike the ball when you are in a stable standing position. This position is usually balanced and prepares the body to move in any direction without losing stability.

Stick to your paddle

When you are a beginner and practicing how to hit hard, you should make it a point of ensuring that you stick to using your own preferred paddle at all times. This is so that your hands get used to the paddle thus enabling you to establish specific playing characteristics. Every paddle has a particular feel when playing and as such, when using a paddle that you are familiar with, it becomes easy to strike the ball hard. You should care for your paddle well by storing it in a protective casing when you are not using it.

Use the right equipment

The ability to hit hard for beginners in ping pong is also determined by the choice of equipment. There are mainly 3 types of rackets in ping pong: beginner, intermediate and professional paddles. The professional ones are the hardest to use as they require excellent skills to control. The ideal paddles to use for newbies and beginners is the beginner paddles. These paddles are easy to hold and have a perfect grip thus making it easy to hit the ball hard.

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Combine speed and length

The secret to hitting hard in ping pong is combining speed and length with an aim of striking the ball hard but with precision. Most pro ping pong players use speed and length to gain an upper-hand over their opponents. This is because the speed-length technique ensures that you hit hard and at the same time direct the ball to corners and below the nets as well as other parts where the opponent will find it hard to return the ball.

Grip the racket well

Hitting hard in ping pong is dependent on how well and firmly you grip the racket. Commonly, there are two styles used in gripping the racket in ping pong. These styles are the shake-hand grip and pen-hold grip. Irrespective of your preferred style, it is important to ensure that the paddle is loosely held in the hand to allow free movement and spinning of the wrist. Always settle on the grip style that feels natural and free for you. Avoid using a style that will cause straining to your wrist and hand in general.

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Even as you prioritize on hitting the ball hard, it is also important that you stick to the rules of the game and use your finest playing skills to make the game enjoyable. You should aim at enhancing your playing skills such that you can competitively engage in professional ping pong games.

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