Playing pool is not as complicated as it is taken to be. This is because unlike other sports, there are no complex or detailed rules and secrets of playing the sport. To become a pro in this sport requires you to have precise aim, possess an excellent pool cue and have a fluid stroke. whether you are learning the sport to play casually or you want to use it as a career opening, it is advisable that you understand the basics of the sport. You also need to possess an open mind to learn new and progressive concepts about the sport. Here are a few tips to use when learning how to be better at pool:

Check the hand position

Holding the cue correctly is one of the greatest steps towards improving your pool playing skills. Your dominant hand should hold the cue’s thick end with the palm facing up. You should then find the perfect spot on your wrap on which the cue will balance evenly. Grip the cue at about 1 inch behind the spot where it balances. Place the hand’s ridge on the table while lifting the other part of the hand at a higher position.

Assume a proper stance

Your standing position should rhyme with how you have held the cue. The non-dominant foot and the hand on the same side should be in front of the other foot. The foot on the dominant hand side should be placed at a position of about 60cm (2 feet) behind the foot on the non-dominant hand side. Turn the body slightly from the table to prevent interference with your shot. Position yourself at the best place near the table but avoid getting to close so that you can have better control of the cue.

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Striking the ball

For maximum control, you should hold the cue in a parallel position to the table. Players who hold the cue at an angle or perpendicularly to the table find it hard to control the cue hence end up making faulty strokes. When moving in to hit the ball, ensure that you accelerate gradually and move the hand in constant motion. Long strokes impart greater momentum and thus hit the ball with a greater force.

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Relax and follow through the stroke

Relaxing helps you to calm down and make accurate strikes. Consequently, it also helps you to stand in a proper stance. Always ensure that the cue does not slow down until it hits the ball. Following through the stroke enables you to direct the ball towards the pocket of choice. After making your shot, stay down to analyze the motion, direction, and angle of the ball and each other ball it strikes on its path. This position also makes it possible to avoid deviating the shot by making a jumpy motion.

Perfecting your aim

When preparing to strike the ball with the cue, angle it (cue)in a way that it creates a line that is parallel from the target. This makes it easy to hit more than one ball with the cue thereby increasing your chances of putting more than one ball into the pockets. Adjust the alignment of the cue such that it is perfectly positioned above the white ball. At this position, the white ball will sink the target ball and others on its path. It is important to ensure that you only strike at the white ball’s center. This enables the cue to make even contact on the ball hence the ball will maintain the calculated angle through its motion on the table.

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Assess the position of the balls on the table

Before you make the next shot, make a point of assessing the position of the balls on the table. This goes a long way in enabling you to calculate the angle with which you will make the next shot. Look at each ball’s position so that you can access the best standing position so that you can hit as many balls as possible. If you are not sure about the best angle to hit the white ball at, you can consider playing from the other side of the table. Ideally, you should aim at putting as many balls into the pocket with one shot.

While you may be focusing on achieving the most puts into the pocket, it is also important that you analyze your misses. After every miss, figure out what transpired. You should then make a mental correction so that you do not repeat the same mistake again

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