Ping pong is like any other sport. Playing the game expertly like a pro requires you to know the tips and tricks to use. Being a competitive sport, you require a combination of great skills and the best playing technique to outshine your opponent. In addition to this, regular practice is also necessary for beginners to understand how to play ping pong competitively. Among the top tips you can use to be better at this sport are such as:

Get a good paddle

The paddle of choice determines how easy it will be for you to play ping pong well. The best paddle to purchase is one that has a perfect grip and is designed for the best spin and is comfortable to hold in the hand. If you are new to ping pong, then you can consider getting a beginner’s paddle. For first time players, ensure that you do not opt for a paddle that is excessively spinny as it will be quite hard for you to control such a paddle when playing.

Hold the paddle correctly

How you hold the paddle will definitely determine how easy it is for you to learn playing ping pong. You should ensure that you hold the paddle comfortably in the hand for flexibility so that you are able to make different strikes and spins.


Maintain a good playing position

Ping pong requires players to have a good balanced position such that the body is prepared to move in any direction instantly. Body position also makes it possible to return serves with much ease and competence. Additionally, with a perfect body position, a beginner can remain balanced even after striking the ball and return to the original position within split seconds.

Practice regularly

The only way to polish your playing skills and develop your game is by practicing regularly. The primary aim and focus when practicing should be improving and enhancing your mastery of the game as well as bettering your playing skills. Avoid entering into competitions until your skills are well refined and you have a perfect understanding of how to play ping pong like a pro.

Learn sidespin serves

Sidespin serves are very useful when learning how to better your ping pong playing skills. This is because these spins give you an added advantage of being able to fully control the ball. What is much unique about these spins is that they severely limit and hinder the opponent’s possibilities of returning the ball.

Get used to your paddle

If you are a beginner and want to better your ping pong playing skills, you should have one specific paddle that you will use exclusively for playing and practicing. Avoid changing paddles now and then as it is hard to adapt to a new paddle every now and then. You also need to take good care and maintenance of your paddle.

Engage the whole body when playing

Ping pong requires players to involve every part of the body while playing. You need to rotate the shoulders and hips when striking the ball. Ensure that this motion is well coordinated so that you are able to achieve excellent consistency and power while playing.

Prioritize on forehands


The best thing about forehands is that they make it easy for you to hit the ball from any position within the playing area. What is more amazing about forehands is that they make it hard for the opponent to know how you will strike the ball. It is also great if you learn how to become a two-winged player; in that, you can use both hands almost equally when playing ping pong.

Control your temper

Ping pong is an emotional game that can make you feel very frustrated especially when you realize that you are not making any progress whatsoever while learning how to play the game. Due to this, you need to be in a position of controlling your temper and learn how to remain optimistic throughout your practice.

Train alone

The best and most competitive way to learn how to play ping pong and be good at it is by practicing alone. Find a smooth surface such as a wall or floor to use in your practice by striking the ball against the surface. Such surfaces can incredibly help you in increasing your speeds of returning the ball as well improve your spinning skills.


The ability to win in ping pong and become an expert player lies in timing. In this sport, you should make the right move when you need it most. For instance, when you make the right strike or serve, the opponent will barely be able to return the ball. Making the right strikes at the right time will definitely make the game lively and captivating.


Mix up serves

If you want to make ping pong lively and competitive, ensure that you do not stick to only one type of serve. Instead, you should use different serves that vary in length, spin and power. Some of the serves you can make are such as short, medium-long, and deep serves at pure speed and spin.

Learn how to control the ball

Managing and controlling the ball are common hurdles among most beginner ping pong players. The only way to ensure that you do not lose while playing is by making sure that you are able to gain control over the ball when it is on your side. The golden rule to remember when playing ping pong is that you should hit the ball considerably. Do not apply too much effort or hit the ball too soft.

Foot movement

Foot movement is very crucial when playing ping pong. This is because it helps in making the right and effective shots as well as in coordinating your balance when you are playing. It is worth noting that without the proper foot movement, you will most likely make lazy shots and the game will be generally boring.

Find a mentor

As a beginner, you need to find mentorship from a pro-player that plays professionally. Such players have loads of skills, expertise, and knowledge that they can pass on to you as far as being a good ping pong player is concerned. The best places to get these mentors are from ping pong clubs and training camps.


Ideally, being good at ping pong is not as hard as it is presumed to be. All you need to do is be ready to learn new skills, find fun in playing the game, and practice frequently. You can also hire a coach to train you on some complex skills such as making perfect spins.

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