Pool is a casual game that is often overlooked by some players but it is actually very beneficial to the body and to your health too. Whether you are playing the game for fun in your basement or competitively in a tournament, you will most certainly benefit greatly from the sport. Unknown to most people, playing pool is one of the most productive ways of spending your spare time and bonding with friends. Here are some of the top benefits of playing the pool:

Helps in building focus

If you want to be good in pool, you need to have undivided attention and focus in the sport. You need to focus on how you will shoot the ball into the closest pocket and collect as much points as possible. In pool, there is need to pay close attention not only to the colored ball and the cue ball but also at the angles where the ball will move when hit. This concentration helps in building focus that in turn goes a long way in enhancing how you go on your daily business.

Pool helps focus

Sharpening the mind

Playing pool requires players to perform quick mental mathematics to determine the best pocket to throw the ball depending on the position of the balls on the table. Consequently, sharp minded people are able to think quickly and process details at a fast rate. This goes a long way in helping players to make crucial decisions within split seconds especially if the decisions can be life saving.

Burns calories and tone building

An average pool game can last for about 2 hours. All this time, the players pace around the table making not less than 100 trips circling the table. The amount of calories burned off when playing pool equals the same amount of calories you would burn if you were jogging for close to a mile. Similarly, the walking and pacing exercises when playing pool also help the body in tone building. The walking exercises help in stretching the hips, legs, back and the arms thereby toning the muscles.

Eye-hand coordination

Most people find it hard to coordinate the functioning of their minds and the motion of the hands. Pool players find themselves at an advantaged position to develop and enhance this coordination. Since the mind is becoming sharpened at a faster rate, the hands also develop the ability to move swiftly and do finite tasks within split seconds.

Slows aging especially in men

Like other sports, pool helps in reversing aging among its players. This is because the sport not only engages the mind but also enhances physical activeness. Research has shown that elderly people who play pool have lean and strong bodies. Consequently, such people are also less risky to develop lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Since pool does not require its players to be heavily built and masculine, everyone; the healthy and sickly can play it alike.


Fun for everyone

Pool is a sport for everyone including children and the old regardless of sex and age. As such, playing the sport can be a family fun activity for strengthening family bonds and ties. Additionally, there are not many rules in the sport, which makes it easier to understand, and less complex to play. Pool is a leisure activity that the extended family can play when on a family outing or a gathering with friends.


Improves cognitive skills

Pool has a rich and variable mental stimulation, owing to the virtually infinite layouts of the table. These layouts stimulate the players’ visualization, problem-solving skills and imagination. It is worth noting that for you to play the sport like a pro; you require being creative to see opportunities to explore on the table. The best thing about the cognitive skills acquired from playing the sport is that they become useful and reliable in handling daily activities.


If playing doubles, players need to work together thereby enhancing the spirit of teamwork. Additionally, the urge to win as many rounds as possible makes players to develop a competitive spirit, which in turn translates to increased dedication towards achieving your life goals. Pool is beneficial in helping children to comprehend and understand their studies better. Pool can be played in virtually anywhere including in the garage, basement, play room and even in the backyard.

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