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Teddy June 25, 2017 1 comment

How to Play a Forehand Loop in Ping Pong – An Important Step to Be a Pro

Forehand loop is an important ping pong stroke that can earn you points easily. It is a good weapon for all players no matter their level of play. The power and spin that this stroke gives to the ball are unique and powerful. Learning and understanding it is very important
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Teddy June 1, 2017 38 comments

How to Improve Reflexes in Ping Pong – Important Tips You Should Know if You Want to Play Like a Pro

Ping Pong is a game that requires a very fast reaction that is done in a repetitive manner. Your reflexes for the game have to be good for you to be amongst the best. The quick reaction needed cannot be acquired easily. There are a number of things you can
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Teddy May 24, 2017 11 comments

What is Third Ball Attack in Ping Pong and How to Train for Ping Pong Lovers

Table tennis is a game that can quickly be won if the player uses predetermined tricks that are precise. You can easily score against your opponent if your game is planned well and executed accordingly. Planning helps you control the game and make it flow according to your will. Third
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Teddy May 17, 2017 30 comments

Footwork Technique in Ping Pong and How to Improve Footwork for Beginners

Footwork is very important in ping pong. Accurate shots must be accompanied by the correct footwork and that is why every ping pong player should be as good in his footwork as possible. Varying serves and returns call for varying footwork and every player should understand all the types of
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Teddy May 3, 2017 1 comment

How to Play Defensive in Ping Pong – Important Tips for You to Protect Your Score

Defense is an essential part of ping pong that every player should learn. This is regardless of your preferred style of play. You should be able to rescue the ball whenever an aggressive attack is made. The game should not be all about attacking. Defensive style of play in ping
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Teddy April 25, 2017 46 comments

How to Play Offensive in Ping Pong – You Will Never Win if You Don’t Know These Tips

Most ping pong players find it easy for them to play offensive. They are able to use it most of the time and only switch to defensive on specific moments. Offensive style of play is characterized by top-spins and loops. Speed and strength are, therefore, important for players using the
Ping Pong Ping pong Tips & Tricks
Teddy April 14, 2017 31 comments

How to Return Spin Serve in Ping Pong – Tips to Decide Your Match

Every ping pong player has to encounter spun attacks of varying intensities every now and then. Knowing and preparing on how to return every spin serve is important. Every serve requires specific tactics for it to be returned successfully. You should learn and understand the tactics before getting in the
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Teddy April 5, 2017 26 comments

Backhand Technique in Ping Pong – Basic Technique Beginners Should Know

Backhand is a very crucial technique in table tennis. It helps you successfully control heavy shots and return a ball calmly or aggressively with a better aim. Backhand is always useful no matter your position towards the table. Your right-handedness or left-handedness does not also matter. The following information is
Ping Pong Ping pong Tips & Tricks

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